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JINSEI TSUJI, Film Director

In the 1980’s, Tsuji started producing independent films through his college’s movie club.

In 1999, his directorial debut, SENNEN-TABITO (Director, Screenwriter, and Music) was presented as an official invitation film for the 56th International Critic week of Venice Film Festival

In 2001, his movie, HOTOKE (Director, Writer, and Music) was presented as an official selection in the 51st Berlin International Film Festival, in the Panorama section. In the same year, HOTOKE was presented to the Deauville Asian Film Festival, in the Competition section, and won best image award.
HOTOKE participated in the 27th Seattle International Film Festival.

In 2002, his movie, FILAMENT (Director, Screenwriter, Music) was submitted to the 37th Czech Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Official Selection Competition section and awarded the International Ecumenical Jury of the Christian Churches.

In the same year, a TV movie, Mokka no Koibito (Author, Writer, and Director) was produced.

In summer 2008, his new movie ACACIA was produced.

Tsuji is currently based in Paris and producing films.

in 2009 ,ACACIA was presented to the 22th tokyo international Film Festival, in the Competition section

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